Unlocking the Future of decentralized
Finance in the Gaming Universe.

What is DeFiVerse

DeFiVerse is a novel initiative designed to bridge the existing divide between Blockchain Games (BCG) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Built as a layer-2 blockchain on Oasys - a platform specialized for gaming - DeFiVerse integrates these two previously distinct domains.

Traditionally, BCG and DeFi have evolved in parallel but separate trajectories, limiting their interaction to basic token exchanges. DeFiVerse disrupts this pattern by initiating the "fusion of BCG and DeFi".
DeFiVerse encourages the development of decentralized applications (DApps) led by game users, while fostering an ecosystem that remains accessible to existing DeFi users.

DeFiVerse is poised to initiate a seismic shift in the realm of decentralized finance within BCG, unlocking its latent potential. Join us on DeFiVerse as we navigate towards a new era of decentralized finance in the gaming universe.

Dapps Builder

At DeFiVerse, we aim to seamlessly blend Decentralized Finance (DeFi) with Blockchain Games (BCG). We're on the lookout for
partners keen on launching Dapps with us. Ideal projects would:

  • 1Expanding DeFi that can effectively collaborate with BCGs.
  • 2Building DeFi solutions to address existing gaps within the DeFiVerse ecosystem.
  • 3Constructing Dapps to augment and diversify our ecosystem.
  • 4Designing Dapps that can contribute to the long-term development of DeFiVerse.

Interested? Fill out the application below, ensuring all details are complete before submission.

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  • Released DEX

    Gaming DEX

    Specialized DEX for Blockchain Games.
    Equipped with the "AT-Field" to exclude traders who only trade tokens without gameplay, and "MultiGemSwap" which allows easy switching between games.

  • Future Development Staking


    For liquid staking, the user stakes OAS and receives stOAS in exchange for the staked asset. stOAS is entitled to validator compensation and can be used in various ways within DeFiVerse, including collateral, profit generation, etc.

  • In Development DEX


    An exchange where users can trade futures on a variety of assets. Users can participate in OAS perpetual futures trading and market making with blue chip assets as collateral.

  • Future Development Lending


    The lending protocol offers a mechanism to borrow other tokens using various tokens as collateral. Users can use their OAS as collateral to borrow assets like BTC and ETH.

  • In Development DEX


    Gungnir is a Uniswap V3 format DEX. Unlike existing AMM methods, users can aim to improve capital efficiency by providing concentrated liquidity at any price range.

  • Future Development CDP


    Uses stOAS as collateral to mint the dollar-pegged stablecoin USDO. USDO functions as a key stablecoin within the DeFiVerse ecosystem.

  • In Development NFT Market place

    NFT Land

    A place where NFTs on Oasys can be freely bought and sold. Users can purchase NFTs using OAS or stOAS with a 0% transaction fee.

  • In Development Launch pad

    Coming soon

  • In Development Others


    A project that can generate random numbers for use in games and other applications. DFV holders can set up nodes to generate decentralized random numbers.

  • Future Development Aggregator


    A protocol responsible for automating yield farming, ensuring users get the best returns. Initially, integration with the Gaming DEX is planned.

  • Future Development Farming


    A leveraged yield farming protocol planned to be built on the Gaming DEX. This will allow users to optimize farming on the Gaming DEX.

  • Future Development Optimizer


    A protocol designed to optimize yield. By depositing stOAS or USDO, the protocol selects the best investment destination and maximizes returns.

  • Future Development Liquidity Manager


    Protocol for Automatic Rebalancing of Concentrated Liquidity. When the provided concentrated liquidity reaches a specific price range, it automatically rebalances to the optimal liquidity ratio, relieving users from manual management.

  • Future Development Synthetic


    Tokenizes the value of traditional assets such as stocks, commodities, and currencies. These tokens allow trading of value fluctuations without owning the actual assets.

  • Future Development Stable coin


    A protocol that combines USDO with a governance token to issue an algorithmic stablecoin USDOx. USDOx deviates from the pegged target of $1 when the collateral ratio dynamically fluctuates.USDOx solves the stablecoin trilemma.

  • Future Development Bridge


    A bridge protocol to move game tokens from other Verses to DeFiVerse. Integration with various game tokens is planned.

  • Future Development NFT Lending


    A protocol that allows loans to be made using NFTs as collateral. Users are free to make loans using NFTs from their own games.


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    Masakazu Kobayashi

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    Naoto Yamaura

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    An Luu

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    Hung Nguyen

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